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Before Alex Rodriguez: Delving Into Jaclyn Cordeiro’s Family Life and Romance

Alex Rodriguez may be the one in the spotlight now, but his girl-friend Jaclyn has always been a star. She is a fitness enthusiast and a certified nurse who lives to find joy and meaning in life and for that reason. This will let us look at the woman who has captured the heart of this baseball legend as they celebrate Mother’s Day with their blended family.
From her early days as a competitive athlete to her thriving career as a fitness coach and model, Cordeiro has always been driven to succeed, although it means more than all these things to be her mothering role. She tries to teach her two daughters about strength, independence and compassion which are parts of who she is herself. Let’s take a step back into Jaclyn Cordeiro’s lovely life before A-Rod ever existed.
Family: The heart of Alex Rodriguez’s girlfriend, Jaclyn’s world
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Jaclyn Cordeiro does everything for family. Her father was on salary for large corporations whereas her mother worked independently as an independent contractor involved in real estate investment hence she grew up in an environment that fostered new ideas through entrepreneurship and hard work . Throughout life, some values including dignity, integrity among others were embraced from parents by her.
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She cares deeply for Bella and Savanah, her two daughters. Being their number one fan takes priority over everything else in her life because she is very hands-on when it comes to parenting them. Even though she is busy with work as a personal trainer and entrepreneur—and the occasional date nights with her beau, Alex Rodriguez, Jacelyn always finds time for them: be at school events or after-school activities or normal casual hangouts at home where they can talk about anything they like together whenever possible. She looks up to Bella and Savanah as the best thing that ever happened to her life; hence, she needs to portray herself as an ideal figure.
Often she posts pictures and videos on social media showing their close relationships and how each of them adds happiness to the lives of others. Sometimes they are in a car dancing, even talking through FaceTime or just eating together.
A passion for fitness and family
Cordeiro’s life has always been centered on fitness since she was a child. She had two Elder brothers, making her the youngest and only girl, and she fully embraced “tomboy” status by excelling in various sports that saw her get awarded as an athlete from nursery school through high school. Her passion for fitness went overboard more when she joined a neighborhood gym due to Monica Brant who motivated her there. This passion helped Jaclyn cope with nursing school stress and later motherhood.
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She manages to work long hours as a single parent while still finding time to engage in physical activities with her daughters. She engages them in exercise by allowing them to train alongside herself as well as attend some of her competitions. Cordeiro lets her girls know what it takes when it comes to working hard and getting better at fitness.
Jaclyn Cordeiro’s plant-powered performance
Cordeiro is also devoted to healthy eating. Post delivery of her second child left Jaclyn with food intolerances hence prompting the switch towards plant-based dieting which has remained permanent till now. The results have been amazing like having more energy, losing weight has become easier, quicker recovery times after training sessions, and having no digestive issues anymore; so she would not want anything else but veganism for life.
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As a registered nurse specializing in end-of-life oncology, Cordeiro understands the significance of nutrition for overall health. In her fitness coaching practice JACFIT, this knowledge is incorporated into helping clients achieve their goals through flexible plant-based eating plans and individualized training programs.
Romance with Alex Rodriguez
In October 2022, Cordeiro’s vibrant life took a romantic turn when she met Alex Rodriguez. Their shared love for fitness and family brought them together immediately and they became Instagram official after posting heartwarming family Christmas photo.
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Since then, the couple has been seen doing various things such as attending NBA games or going to the Super Bowl. On her birthday and Valentine’s Day, Rodriguez even wrote a beautiful tribute to Cordeiro saying that she was his “beautiful light”. They are still going strong with their love story and blended family celebrations each day.
Jaclyn Cordeiro’s life proves that passion, perseverance and motherly love never fails. This is just one chapter of her life but it shows how much energy she had always shown inspiring others through her own journey in fitness as well as being committed to family.



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