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Best Fitbit Black Friday Deals: Fitbit Sense 2 & More

Black Friday deals mean plenty of chances to save big on new gadgets you might want such as a new Fitbit. Fitbits are one of the best ways to track all your steps, calories burned, and all kinds of other things so you can work towards becoming the best you that you can be. Throughout the year, there are plenty of Fitbit deals around but things get extra special during the holidays season. We’ve picked out some of the best Fitbit Black Friday deals around below, some that rival the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals and Garmin Watch Black Friday deals. Further down, we’ve also looked at what you need to know about them so you choose the right one for you this Black Friday.
Best Fitbit Black Friday deals
Fitbit Ace 3 —
Fitbit Inspire 2 —
Fitbit Charge 6 —
Fitbit Versa 4 —
Fitbit Sense 2 —
How to choose a Fitbit on Black Friday
Finding the best Fitbit for your situation isn’t just a matter of buying the most expensive one. The Fitbit family is fairly varied now. We consider the Fitbit Sense 2 to be the very best of the bunch as it’s effectively a smartwatch rather than a regular fitness tracker. It looks classy and elegant, but it’s powerful too. It tracks your steps and heart rate along with your stress levels over time. There’s an ECG app along with comprehensive food and drink tracking. You can even take calls with it too while it can handle extremely rugged walks and explorations, right down to its water resistance. The downside? It’s expensive and overkill for many users.
A better option for those seeking one of the best fitness trackers is something from the Fitbit Charge range such as the latest Fitbit Charge 6. It’s more budget friendly but it still offers a seven day battery life along with all the key features you need for tracking 20 different exercises, the steps you take, and even your blood oxygen levels. For most people, this is a more well-rounded option. If you want even simpler functionality and fewer sensors, but the pedometer aspect of a Fitbit, consider a Fitbit Inspire which offers tremendous value and still motivates you to get outside more often.
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The big decision here is whether you want a slim fitness tracker on your wrist or more of a smartwatch that’s bulkier but able to do more for you.
Another thing to consider is who you’re buying for. If you’re buying for your child, the Fitbit Ace range is what you want. It’s a little more robustly built to handle your child’s active lifestyle, and it won’t track their calories burned. However, it will still monitor sleep, steps, exercise time, and how active your child is which can be useful as well as fun to compete with.
In all cases, when buying as part of the Black Friday sales, try to buy the latest model. There can be deeper discounts on older versions but it makes sense that while you’re saving, you should invest in the latest option. At the time of writing, these are the Fitbit Charge 6, Fitbit Luxe, Fitbit Inspire 3, Fitbit Ace 3, Fitbit Sense 2, and Fitbit Versa 4. Older models will still work but may not be as efficient as the newer option, lack certain features, and potentially lose support sooner. We understand if you’re set on a FitBit, but sometimes the best option for your situation is a different model from Black Friday smartwatch deals.
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