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Brittany Mahomes Teases Pet Project With International Trainer Before Patrick Mahomes’ Wife ‘Fuelled’ Her Friend’s Addiction

‘Pawsitively’ exciting news is on the Horizon! Brittany Mahomes, the First Lady of the Kansas City Chiefs, has sparked a frenzy among fans with a tantalizing teaser for an upcoming project involving her beloved pitbulls, Steel and Silver. The NFL queen’s Instagram stories have set the internet ablaze, hinting at a collaboration with Tom Davis, an international dog trainer renowned for his expertise in canine behavior modification.
In a series of Instagram stories, Brittany shared glimpses of a shoot featuring her fur babies alongside Davis, who is no stranger to working with high-profile clients. One story showcased a locket chain engraved with the names “Steel and Silver,” a touching tribute to her canine companions. Another story included a behind-the-scenes video from Davis himself, with the caption “worked on an incredible project today with my friend @brittanylynne,” further fueling speculation about the nature of their collaboration.
Davis, the founder of the esteemed Upstate Canine Academy in New York, is a true MVP when it comes to fostering harmonious dog-owner relationships. As the host of the “No Bad Dogs™️ Podcast” and a highly-viewed dog education YouTube channel, Davis is no stranger to the spotlight, making this collaboration a true touchdown for pet enthusiasts.
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View this post on Instagram A post shared by Steel & Silver (@steel_silver_mahomes)
The collaboration is being backed by 1UP Sports Marketing, the agency that has orchestrated several successful campaigns for the Mahomes family, including Patrick’s endorsement deals with Oakley, Adidas, and Brittany’s SI swimsuit campaign. Their roster also includes notable athletes and influencers like Julian Edelman.
Meanwhile, Brittany and Mahomes’ affection for their furry companions runs deep, with Steel and Silver often taking center stage in the couple’s life events. From Steel and Silver’s adorable appearance at the couple’s gender reveal party, leaving a trail of pink paw prints to announce the arrival of their baby girl, to Brittany’s heartwarming gesture of joining hands with the KC Pet Project to facilitate pet adoptions, the Mahomes family’s commitment to animal welfare and responsible pet ownership is truly commendable.
Patrick, who once confessed his fear of dogs, now happily takes Steel and Silver to meet fans, showcasing the profound bond they share. As the quarterback himself said, “Honestly, my chosen spirit animal is my dog Steel, because me and my dog Steel are exactly the same person, except he’s a dog.” This bond transcends the gridiron, reminding us that true greatness lies not only in athletic prowess but also in the ability to open our hearts to our furry companions.
Before sharing these ‘pawsome’ IG stories, the former soccer athlete also promoted her friend’s Alani nutrition drinks.’
Patrick Mahomes beau does a wellness assist for a friend
In a separate Instagram story, Brittany showcased her support for her friend and hairstylist, Laurabeth Cabott, by sharing a glimpse of Cabott’s car trunk filled with cartons of Alani Nu nutrition drinks. Cabott, who has styled Brittany’s hair for major events like the Met Gala, Kentucky Derby, and the recent SI Swimsuit launch party in New York, playfully expressed her gratitude to Brittany for “fueling her addiction” to the popular health and wellness brand.
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View this post on Instagram A post shared by Laurabeth Cabott (@laurabethartistry)
This act highlights the close-knit relationships Brittany maintains with her team and her influence in promoting healthy living. Alani Nu, known for its range of nutritious and flavorful drinks, has become a staple in Brittany’s wellness routine, and her willingness to share this passion with her inner circle is a testament to her commitment to leading by example
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Laurabeth Cabott’s journey as a talented hairstylist has been remarkable, with her work being recognized and featured in various media outlets. She has styled hair for prestigious events like the Grammy Awards and has worked with celebrities such as Madison Beer and Bethenny Frankel, showcasing her skill in enhancing their public personas through her hairstyling artistry.
As Brittany continues to navigate the public eye alongside her husband, her dedication to her loved ones and her advocacy for causes close to her heart, such as animal welfare and healthy living, shine through. Whether it’s collaborating with renowned trainers or supporting her friends’ passions, Brittany’s actions exemplify the power of using one’s platform for positive change, echoing the wise words of the legendary Vince Lombardi: “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”



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