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Here’s Harry Styles’ Fitness Regime He Follows to Maintan His ‘Ripped’ Body

Harry Styles has been taking a break since the success of resounding ‘Love On Tour’ reached its epic conclusion earlier this year. The Watermelon Sugar star has been winning everyone’s hearts since his professional career through One Direction began back in 2009. Styles has garnered attention for his melodious yet powerful vocals that never cease to enrapture listeners given he’s been bestowed with numerous Grammy’s and VMA’s. However, besides the actor’s voice, there’s one more thing that has fans captivated and that’s his physique.
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The As It Was singer often performs shirtless during his concerts, while to Styles this may seem like a more comfortable option, his plethora of fans get a glimpse of his ripped body as he performs. But, his well-maintained stature has fans itching with curiosity about what kind of physical fitness routine and diet the singer-actor strictly follows to gain such a well-maintained body, per Essentially Sports.
Harry Styles pic.twitter.com/XUXHxwW3Id — Shirtless Male Celebs 🪩 (@Shirtless_MC) September 11, 2023
In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, the actor spilled the beans about the secret to being physically fit. Styles makes sure to regularly adhere to a strict fitness regime every day regardless of how tired he’s feeling. As per sources, he works out with a personal trainer who goes by the name of Brad Gould. His workout routine solely focuses on strength and conditioning of the body along with several intense exercises for which different equipment is required.
The Pilates Wunda Chair was one of the first pieces of home gym equipment.
Joe designed it to fit into small New York apartments
The Pull Ups on the Wunda Chair teaches you simultaneously press down as you pull up. A true two-way stretch!!#wundachair #sheffieldpilates pic.twitter.com/YhiyORwPjr — Breathe Classical Pilates (@BreathePilates_) September 13, 2021
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And the equipment he uses doesn’t come cheap at all. For instance, he uses a foot corrector to maintain good balance. This contraption costs not less than $200. Another product that he uses diligently is the ‘Wunda Chair’ for which he shelled out $2000. This ‘backless’ chair reportedly strengthens the muscles on the back and arms when an individual sits on it.
Andy Vermaut shares:Let Harry Styles Quench Your Thirst With His Pilates Workout Session: If you ever wanted a peek inside Harry Styles’s exercise routine, it’s your lucky day. On Jan. 12, the fitness studio Exhale Pilates London shared a sexy… https://t.co/vRNKu5P6cr Thank you. pic.twitter.com/63Qs3ScNlK — Andy Vermaut (@AndyVermaut) January 13, 2023
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To stay flexible and to build stamina the Dunkirk actor also participates in Pilates lessons quite regularly when he’s not on tour. He pursues these lessons at a facility known as ‘Exhale London’ which is located in his hometown in England. Its manager Gary Noble revealed some insightful knowledge about Styles’ routine at their studio.
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“With Pilates, Harry predominantly works with core, breathing, and lung capacity – because of his singing – and with his hamstrings because he’s moving all the time.” Noble further commented on The Policeman actor’s progress and behavior. “He’s become much more nimble. Harry would come in and leave the studio on his own. He would say Hi to everyone, he’s normal,”
When it comes to managing his mental health, #HarryStyles likes to think of weekly #therapy as part of his “mental fitness routine.” Therapy is a safe space for Harry to “lean into an emotion and look at it in the face” to understand what is making him feel that way. pic.twitter.com/7kMjSmIttn — StopStigmaSacramento (@StopStigmaSac) January 5, 2023
When it comes to his diet, the Sign Of The Times singer is very particular about what he consumes. He’s reportedly a pescetarian, eating only fish in order to fulfill dietary requirements with regard to protein. He also partakes in a ‘six-day juice cleanse’ which contributes to a healthy gut and clean internal system. All of these essential factors contribute toward Styles’ state of being physically fit, per The Things.
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