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“I’m Proud to Announce”: Fitness Sensation Jesse James West Announces New Sponsor in Dramatic Video

Fitness sensation Jesse James West and the self-proclaimed son of eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman have just dropped exciting news. In a dramatic video, West proudly announced his new sponsorship with none other than Gymshark, his favorite brand.
Gymshark is a British-based multinational athletic apparel retailer that was founded in June 2012 by Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan. Initially, the company focused on crafting and distributing its line of fitness wear. The brand quickly gained traction in the industry, expanding its products to include fitness apparel, sportswear, and accessories. Moving back, in his announcement YouTube video, West shared his journey until now. Jesse James West’s path to this milestone has been anything but conventional.
Jesse James West joins forces with Gymshark
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According to his YouTube video, in 2018, he gave up a $240,000 Division 1 college lacrosse scholarship. “People told me I was crazy and making the biggest mistake of my life,” West recalls. However, his passion and determination pushed him forward. By 2020, he had dropped out of college to pursue YouTube full-time. “You literally only get one shot at life, so why aren’t you maximizing everything you do?” he urges his fans.
Now, as a Gymshark athlete, West is thrilled about the future. “I am proud to announce I am now a Gymshark athlete. Damn, it feels good to say out loud, Relentless Beast!” he declared. West looks forward to attending Gymshark events and meeting his fans.
He praises the brand, saying, “Their clothes are truly top-tier. I genuinely enjoy wearing them; they look sick, and their quality is top-tier.” He even took to his Instagram to share his excitement with a few pictures and a caption that read, “You’re looking at the newest @gymshark athlete let’s go, baby!”
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West’s video goes beyond announcing his sponsorship; it’s a motivational message urging his followers to trust their instincts, take risks, make changes, and live life to the fullest. Jesse James West expresses deep gratitude to his fans for their support and encourages them to take risks, make changes, and stay relentless in pursuing their dreams. Alongside James West, another fitness influencer and reigning classic physique champ, Chris Bumstead’s friend is also associated with Gymshark.
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David Laid is the creative director of Gymshark
In 2023, David Laid took to his social media to announce the big news, stating that he would be the new creative director at Gymshark. Laid, known for his viral transformation video, now drives Gymshark’s lifting revolution as Creative Director. In 2023, David Laid took to his social media to announce the big news, stating that he would be the new creative director at Gymshark.
The bodybuilding enthusiast’s journey began at 13, coinciding with Gymshark’s birth. Identifying with the brand’s ethos, he joined as an athlete. However, he felt Gymshark had veered off its original path and disagreed with its social stances. Hence, he transitioned from athlete to creative director, focusing on lifting. Gymshark, mastering social media teases, creates buzz with influencer marketing.
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Laid now guides athlete recruitment, global events, and campaigns. Gymshark, valued at $1.3 billion, boasts experiential retail in London. Laid’s vision aligns with Gymshark’s core, reaffirming its commitment to lifting.
Fitness icons Jesse James West and David Laid have joined forces with Gymshark, marking exciting milestones in the brand’s journey. Their passion and dedication inspire fans worldwide to pursue their fitness dreams relentlessly.



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