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International Day for Safer Internet: Let’s support young people’s mental health and well-being on YouTube

Use interruption, privacy, and autoplay tools to manage the time kids and teens spend on YouTube
Our existing digital health tools have been helping moms and dads around the world strike the right balance between content viewing and family wellness since 2018, and we’ve continued to invest in and improve them over the years. teenager.
Break reminders can be set at a specific frequency to encourage users to take a break while watching videos, while bedtime reminders are activated at specific times to encourage users to stop watching videos and fall asleep. Both features are available globally and are enabled by default for teens and younger children. We’re also announcing improvements to bedtime and breaks: Reminders will appear full-screen in short and long videos, and breaks will be activated every 60 minutes by default. Moms and dads can also manage their teens’ screen time through Family Link’s supervised accounts.
Autoplay makes it easy to choose which video to watch next, but teens on YouTube have autoplay turned off by default. Additionally, on supervised accounts, parents can choose to turn off autoplay by logging into YouTube using the linked parent account, navigating to parent settings, selecting their son or daughter’s account, and activating the “Disable Autoplay” feature.



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