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“Need to Do Better”: Fitness Icon Joey Swoll Lambasts Woman for Calling Out Gym Goer for the Wrong Reasons

Joey Swoll, the self-proclaimed CEO of Gym Positivity is always known for his ethics when it comes to conduct in the gym. After coming across another viral video where someone was playing the victim, Swoll could not resist speaking up.
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As one can see from his usual videos, Swoll never accepts wrongdoings in the gym, be it bad-mouthing or disrespecting other gymgoers. This time, the fitness influencer has called out a person who tried to showcase herself as the victim for being asked to not shoot inside the gym premises.
Swoll slams gymgoer who complained about being asked not to film
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Swoll recently shared a video where a woman was on the treadmill, shooting a video. In Swoll’s video, one could see an elderly man coming up to her and telling her politely that it was against the gym’s policy to shoot a video with other people in the frame. He even went on to suggest that the video could be shot in a place where others would not be visible in the frame. However, the woman went on to say that the allegations were unnecessary.
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This did not sit right with Swoll and he stated, “You call this man a Karen, you said he attacks you why?” Then the bodybuilder pointed out how it was absolutely right on the man’s part to raise concern if someone was getting filmed. He also added, “All for what? because you wanna feel like a victim which you are not. Just to get attention and likes on social media… You need to do better. Mind your own business.”
On the other hand, as Swoll continues to keep up his vigil against those spoiling gym culture, he recently talked about how despite being rejected by many brands, he came up with his own.
Joey Swoll’s unrelenting positivity
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After struggling with his addiction problem as well as his mental health issues in the past, when Swoll finally reached out to the brands which he previously collaborated with, they rejected him outright. He noted, “Every single one said no, no brands would touch me I found out they were laughing at me behind my back saying I had no value that my page was dead and I’d never bring in any sales.”
However, later, Swoll went on to build his own brand, which became successful. According to him, his firm, TASTE, sold three months’ worth of inventory in just three days.
“This Ad Is A+ Love This for You”: Bodybuilder Joey Swoll’s Creativity Leaves Fitness Fans Head Over Heals
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While Swoll promotes healthy relationships between gym goers, he does not only correct those who are in the wrong but also takes the side of the people he thinks are right in their actions. What do you think about the newest incident brought to light by Joey Swoll? Let us know in the comments below.
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