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Patrick Mahomes Reveals Secret to ‘Maintaining’ Dad Bod After Chiefs QB Side-Stepped Fans’ Fitness Criticism

Patrick Mahomes sporting a dad bod has to be one of the most irresistible things this off-season! It has reached the point where fans and NFL analysts are apprehensive about the Chiefs’ 3-peat dreams. But the Kansas City Chiefs QB couldn’t care less and is doubling down on his approach to keep his body fit in a way he prefers. Reading comments like “fat” or “bloated” isn’t an ideal way for anyone to start their day, but then again, Mahomes can’t stop living it up just because he’s getting trolled. Recently, Mahomes delivered a message to his fans and revealed one of the special ingredients behind his “dad bod”, Coors Light. What better way to do it than being on The Pat McAfee Show?
Is Patrick Mahomes about to get rid of his “dad bod”?
Just a few days ago, the QB announced his new venture, Throne Coffee Brand that he’s a lead investor in. The cold brew is supposed to come without any sugar or extra additives, giving Patrick Mahomes an edge to tone his weight down a little bit. He likes coffee so much that he decided to make it for himself in collaboration with ex-CocaCola and Bodyarmor marketing executive Michael Fedele.
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McAfee congratulated Mahomes on his new brainchild and proceeded to address the “fat” conversation straight away. The host pointed out how people are going to ignore an otherwise perfect Mahomes and focus on his extra weight. To Mahomes’ surprise, he thought the fans left that narrative back in 2023. But as he stepped into the first day of his OTAs, the trolling resurfaced.
“I feel good man. It kind of surprised me, I thought we got the whole ‘dad bod’ thing out of the way last off-season, last season actually in the playoffs,” said Mahomes and added, “But I guess people haven’t realized that I don’t have abs. So, I’ll continue to work on that and hopefully, one of these days we can figure out how to get a looser t-shirt, I mean the backpack is holding my shirt in, man, looser t-shirt at least.”
Mahomes recently took the podium and stated how drinking the coffee doesn’t only help with the weight but also might help him with in-game “jitters.” McAfee gave into the joke and tried to support Mahomes and mentioned how his t-shirt just sat on his “massive behind,” because the QB is so athletic.
Trolling comes with status and success and the QB has all three of them. The status also brings Mahomes closer to golfers, which he absolutely enjoys. Believe it or not, golf accentuates Mahomes’ curves.
The Kansas City Chiefs QB knows how to maintain a few extra pounds
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Towards the end, the conversation shifted to the former Colts kicker asking Patrick Mahomes about his golf expedition. The 3x Super Bowl Champion mentioned how he’s been participating in Augusta but didn’t do well against the professionals. Golf, a sport presumed to be classy, might not have a shortage of celebratory wine in their closet. But the QB couldn’t be more interested in wine.
USA Today via Reuters Capital One s The Match, May 31, 2022 . HANDOUT PHOTO: Coverage of Capital One s The Match at the Wynn Golf Club.Patrick Mahomes hits a tee shot. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Freeman/Turner Sports via USA TODAY Sports, 31.05.2022 19:15:22, 18551508, Patrick Mahomes, Coverage PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xJeremyxFreemanx 18551508
Apparently, Mahomes had a stay at Augusta, and did the whole 9 yards with suit and tie, so McAfee couldn’t hold back but ask how many bottles of wine Mahomes sifted through. To McAfee’s surprise, Mahomes is not a wine person. Rather, he prefers drinking beer, and not just any beer, Coors Light.
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“You know me, man, I’m not a wine guy, I’m a Coors Light guy, that’s who I am,” said Mahomes jokingly and added, “Yeah, I mean the dad bod doesn’t happen by itself, you’ve got to get some Coors Light in there,” added Mahomes after McAfee pointed out Travis Kelce’s evaluation of Mahomes, a party animal!
While these off-season antics might not have severe consequences for the upcoming season, Mahomes might be aware that he needs to shave those extra pounds and get back in the game with a sound mind and body. Perhaps, he’s thinking of replacing beer with coffee, which might help him to tend to his goals a bit better.



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