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“Puppies Allowed”: After David Laid, Chris Bumstead Mocks Another Prominent Fitness Influencer

The five-time Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead regularly stays active on social media platforms and keeps on sharing or commenting on posts. The king of the Classic Physique division often collaborates with other fitness influencers and bodybuilders. Earlier, he did a YouTube video with the famous fitness influencer David Laid and mocked him. This time, he did the same with another influencer.
This time, Chris Williamson, a writer and podcaster, made it to CBum’s list. Williamson recently posted a series of pictures on his Instagram account of his recent workout, on which the five-time Mr. Olympia made a hilarious comment. Let’s find out what the classic physique-dominating bodybuilder commented on the post.
CBum mocked the podcaster for his physique
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The podcaster Williamson posted a picture from his gym with a background sign that says, “NO DOGS INSIDE THE GYM.” To which the podcaster made a funny remark in the caption and wrote, “Tried to train but they said I wasn’t allowed“ while making a funny face. After witnessing this joyful banter, the five-time Mr. Olymia also took part in it.
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Chris Williamson (@chriswillx)
Bumstead commented on the post, “Puppies allowed,” and mocked Williamson for his physique. He suggested the podcaster should train hard and build an exceptional physique until he was not worth the sign. Along with this, the writer shared a glimpse of his day. He shared his podcast shooting location and the cameraman’s hard work.
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Williamson even shared the fast-food outlet Denny’s menu and shared an image of a dog where the sign says “keep dogs on leash” and his dog roamed free. After analyzing all these factors, the five-time Mr. Olympia commented on his post, suggesting he workout regularly. Bumstead earlier mocked the famous fitness influencer David Laid. Let’s find out what he said to him.
Bumstead explains why Laid is not able to feel optimal growth
The Canadian bodybuilder posted a video on his channel working out with David Laid. They started with light warmup sets and moved on to working sets. They lifted heavy weights and started with a chest workout with the five-time Mr. Olympia. Both of them started a new workout after resting.
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CBum started with doing the lat pulldown, and after completing his set, he judged Laid’s set and mocked him. Laid said, “Turn around; can I have some privacy with my stack?” to Bumstead. He asked Laid, “Why are you so small?” and replied, “How are you going to make any progress if you’re not taking anything close to failure?“
What do you think of the whole scenario of online mockery? Do you think Williamson will give a reply to the five-time Mr. Olympia Champion? Let us know in the comments.



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