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The Top 10 Wellness Trends of 2024

diners The opinions of various professionals in the country were consulted and various reports from companies specializing in predicting consumer behavior were reviewed to understand the issues that will be on the well-being agenda this year.
We’ve chosen the top ten trends below so you can plan for your most important goal as we head into 2024: you.
1. Rebuild the link
For Dr. Santiago Rojas, director and presenter of the radio show “Sanamente”, one of the strongest trends in well-being in 2024 will be the restoration of human relationships, because, according to experts, these Yes, giving life meaning.
“During the pandemic, there have been many separations, emotional and relational crises, and painful reunions of people who did not know each other, but these situations have stabilized into the process of repairing cyclical times; these new connections can then be restored and gained Improvement – or eventual separation – but now stability has occurred. This is a naturally occurring trend due to the cyclical nature of relationships,” the doctor said.
Mintel, a British market intelligence agency, believes that the “revival of human relationships” is one of the top five global consumer trends in 2024. new forms of intimacy for their physical and mental well-being,” they report from the UK agency.
2. Catch a cold
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Have you ever seen an artist like Lady Gaga, Madonna or Harry Styles submerged in a bathtub filled with ice? Ice baths are a technique that comes from high-level athletes, who have used it for years to recover from hard training.
For physician and nutritionist Sara Mesa, exposure to the cold will be one of the dominant trends in the health world this year. “It turns out that exposure to cold for 11 minutes a week is not harmful, it changes a lot of variables in the body: it raises dopamine, activates the immune system and stimulates a lot of things,” he said.
While the physical benefits of ice baths have been widely studied—restoring muscles, tendons, and bones, reducing fatigue, and relieving pain, among others—these baths now also have mental health benefits, such as reducing anxiety, depression, or stress levels, and improving mood. However, there may be some contraindications to ice baths, so it’s best to check with your doctor.
3. Prioritize sleep
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Don’t let anything keep you awake (María Ángeles Bonmatí), How to Sleep (Rafael Pelayo), The Science of Good Sleep (Javier Albares) or Hello Sleep: The Science and Art of Overcoming Insomnia Without Medication (Jade Wu), among others. Published in 2023, the magazine covers one of the trends that has gained momentum since the pandemic and will be a protagonist in 2024: “sleeping well”.
Topics like sleep hygiene, monitoring apps, and even smart beds or mattresses will take center stage this year as people become more aware of the benefits of a good night’s sleep, as well as the dire consequences of poor sleep on the brain and body. That day.
In fact, it’s a key factor in the travel industry: Booking’s 2024 Travel Trends report draws attention to travelers’ growing preference for rest. “For example, the new era of sleep tourism welcomes cutting-edge technologies that serve 61% of Colombia’s travel community, who want to focus on undisturbed sleep,” they said on the portal.
4. Skin regenerative medicine
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Topping this year’s beauty trend rankings from Allure, one of the world’s largest beauty publications, is regenerative medicine for the care of the body’s largest organ: the skin.
“This year, skincare won’t just address the signs of aging; it will try to make cells appear younger,” physician and plastic surgeon Steven Cohen tells Allure.
To make skin not only look younger, but perform younger, experts predict that innovations in products and treatments will center around stem cells, plasma injections (which stimulate collagen production and improve wrinkles, pores and hyperpigmentation), nanofat injections (from skin cells) expand. The body’s own fat can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and there are even sirtuins, also known as “longevity proteins.”
5. Strength training for longevity
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Dust off the dumbbells and banish your fear of weights because, according to experts, strength training is about to be more fashionable than ever.
According to the “MindBody 2024 Health Forecast Report”, more than 60% of consumers incorporate strength training into their weekly daily activities, and nearly 30% of consumers say that they exercise to live longer and healthier lives.
While previous years have emphasized the aesthetic benefits of strength training, by 2024 the focus will be on recognizing the direct impact strength training can have on improving quality of life over time.
Known benefits of strength training include improved mobility, flexibility, and cognitive function, protection against loss of bone density, and reduction in cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
In adding strength training to its list of trends for 2024, The Fitness Group said, “Strength training can help everything from preventing bone density loss to improving cardiovascular health and even mental health, and it has an undeniable holistic element.”
6. The return of facial cleanser
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Rosalina Villanueva, trend expert workgroup networkExpect the spotlight this year to turn to an old familiar: facial cleanser.
“For several quarters, we have seen serums becoming a popular skincare product. However, 2024 will be marked by a resurgence of facial cleansers, as this product is often overlooked in daily care and wellness; luckily, consumers are re- Consider this important step a priority in your beauty regimen,” says Villanueva.
Experts assure that there is a recent need for cleansers that focus on skin health, and inclusive formulas can address some of these consumer concerns.
7. Confrontation – literally – pressure
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Pinterest Predicts is a report in which the famous platform analyzes the searches of more than 480 million monthly active users around the world to predict the trends that will start each year. This time, the pin and board platform predicts users will wear gloves.
“In 2024, the best way to relieve stress is to punch. Gen Z and Millennials will spend their time practicing combat sports such as karate, kickboxing and jiu-jitsu,” the report reads.
The platform said that significant increases in search terms such as “taekwondo aesthetics” (265%), “mixed martial arts training” (200%) or “karate kumite” (190%) indicate that people will choose this type of mind in 2024. Vascular exercises, when done correctly, can help reduce stress, strengthen muscles, and improve balance and cardiovascular health.
8. Prevention and beauty kill two birds with one stone
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After the epidemic, the need for healthy living has become urgent; therefore, functional foods are on the rise, which in addition to being delicious and quick to prepare, also have specific health benefits.
Innova Market Insights, an international consultancy specializing in the food sector, lists “prevention first” as one of this year’s key trends. According to the agency, more than a third of consumers believe weight management and a balanced diet are the most important steps in healthy aging, which is why there is an increasing emphasis on the direct health benefits of food.
Additionally, nutrition will also be key to maintaining your beauty this year. Nutri-aesthetics is a trend that aims to improve the health and appearance of your skin from the inside out by consuming specific nutrients like collagen, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.
9. Training technology
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Dr. Henry León, associate professor and head of the Department of Morphological Physiology at the University of La Sabana, said that one of the most important trends in 2024 is technology serving training, fitness, physical activity and health.
“Probably the most impactful thing has to do with wearables, that is with the development of devices, which started making a lot of noise last year but will definitely become a big trend in 2024. These watches will generate more and more biosignals , which allows us to configure the training and make it more scientific,” Leon said.
For professionals, this trend will extend far beyond watches. “Indeed, numerous devices in the training field will be used extensively as they become cheaper, even involving the use of smart clothing: T-shirts with built-in heart rate sensors for temperature or breathing rate will soon be available,” he predicts.
10. Pay attention to mental health
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According to the American Psychiatric Association’s “Healthy Minds” survey conducted in December, 28% of Americans want to focus on improving their mental health in 2024.
If you want to join this trend, you could do any of the following: exercise more (67%), meditate (49%), focus on spirituality (40%), see a therapist (35%). ), staying off social media (31%), writing in a journal (26%), using a mental health app (21%) or seeing a psychiatrist (21%).
Dr. Claudia García Giraldo recommends facial yoga in Medellín for awareness of emotions, acceptance and self-love, as well as hobbies such as dancing, in which people do more than exercise. Plus, have fun, disconnect and bring joy to your life.
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