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These are the items most commonly stolen from 5-star hotels

Little soaps and travel-sized lotions may be complimentary but not everything in a hotel room is there for the taking.
Wellness Heaven, a German spa and luxury hotel guide, surveyed 1,376 hotel managers to determine what items are most commonly stolen by guests.
It seems most hotel customers can’t get enough of the pampering they receive during their stay as towels and bathrobes seem to be the most popular items to pilfer, with more than half of managers claiming that these amenities are taken from their locations.
Guests also commonly snuck out hangers, pens, cosmetics, batteries and cutlery from their rooms.
Traveling thieves were less interested in blankets, pillows and dishes — perhaps owed to rumors over their cleanliness — and their desire for coffee makers, while low, varied drastically by the quality of the hotel. Guests at 5-star hotels more frequently decided they couldn’t start another morning without a fancy coffee machine.
Towels and bathrobes were found to be the items stolen most often, with more than half of hotel managers claiming that these amenities were taken from their locations. Getty Images
Shockingly, about a quarter of hotel guests have reportedly pulled off an art heist — though that, too, varies by how luxurious the stay is. A piece of art in a 5-star hotel is 4.3 times more likely to be stolen than from a 4-star hotel.
Behind art, tablets are also packed away with guests six times more often in 5-star hotels than in 4-star stays.
And somehow some brazen guests have checked out with TV sets and mattresses. Hotel workers believe these thefts happen in the middle of the night when elevators that lead to the parking lot are mostly empty.
One hotelier in Italy even revealed that a grand piano was stolen straight out of the lobby in plain sight.
Hangers, pens, cosmetics, batteries and cutlery were also popular souvenirs snuck out of the hotel rooms as some people just didn’t seem to want to run to the store. Wellness Heaven
“Once I walked through the lobby, I noticed that something was missing, and soon after I learned that three unknown men in overalls had taken away the grand piano, and it never reappeared, of course,” one anonymous hotel staffer shared.
Hotels in New York City should take note as they’re likely to receive an influx of reservations amid the city’s crackdown on Airbnb despite hoards of tourists hitting the city.
And if you’re currently looking for lodging in NYC, it boasts two of the world’s best hotels of 2023 as well as one of the best budget hotels in the country —though, if you do decide to steal, don’t tell them The Post sent you.



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