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This is why your bad breath won’t go away, experts say

So you’ve downed a whole pack of tic tacs but still have bad breath? A few things could be to blame, according to experts.
Halitosis, which is the medical term for bad breath, can have various causes, for instance, because you ate some pungent garlic bread.
However, bad breath that doesn’t go away, called chronic halitosis, could be an indicator that something else is going on with your health, according to the Cleveland Clinic.
Well + Good spoke to Jason Abramowitz, MD, an otolaryngologist with ENT and Allergy Associates in Paramus, New Jersey, about four things that could be making your breath stink.
4 Clearing your nasal passageways when you are sick may improve your bad breath. Syda Productions –
A virus or infection
Bad breath might be coming from your throat, especially if you’re sick.
If you have a cold or other upper respiratory infection, an increase in mucus, designed to help your body expel viruses and bacteria, can make your breath reek.
“This mucus is usually mixed with some of the normal bacteria in your throat, which can give it a bad odor,” Dr. Abramowitz said.
A dry mouth can also aggravate the breath.
“When we’re congested, our noses do not moisturize the air normally. This dries out saliva and mucus in your nose and throat and can contribute to odor,” he added.
Bacteria in the throat, like from a strep infection, can also give your breath a potent scent.
To treat your halitosis due to a virus or infection, drink lots of water and rinse your nasal passages to get rid of congestion.
4 Allergies can cause bad breath for the same reason a cold and virus does. New Africa –
Similarly to colds, allergies can cause stuffy noses and an increase in mucus that contributes to halitosis.
You can get some relief from your congestion — and your stench — by rinsing your nasal passageway and drinking water as if you had a virus.
4 Tonsil stones can also make your breath stink. Ralf Geithe –
Tonsil stones
Tonsil stones are lumps that develop on the tonsils due to a buildup of things like debris from food, dead cells and bacteria, according to Medical News Today. The debris hardens when calcium builds around it to create a tonsil stone.
Tonsil stones may be hard but they do not make your breath rock — they do quite the opposite.
“Dry old food with bacteria has a foul odor,” Dr. Abramowitz explained.
To rid yourself of the pesky stones, you can gargle with salt water or use a clean cotton swap to remove them, the medical outlet explained.
4 GERD can make your breath smell acidic. eddows –
Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), commonly called acid reflux, is another culprit behind bad breath.
When you have acid reflux, your stomach contents, like undigested food, regurgitated bile and stomach acid flows up into your esophagus. This can lead to acidic-smelling halitosis, Healthline explained.
Treating the stomach acid with an antacid medication or removing fried and spicy foods from the diet as well as not eating late at night can help your reflux and your breath.



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