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Top Gun Maverick Star Glen Powell Unearths His Secret to Ravishing Physique: “I’ve Gotten Into Pilates and Yoga”

In a recent exciting update from the entertainment world, Tom Cruise’s Co-star gave away his newly created workout plan to fans and followers. Rose to fame by playing crucial roles in various movies and comedy-horror series, Glen Powell keeps his fans updated with his latest diet and workout plans.
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Recently, he took everyone on a tour of his fridge and gym and there he talked about lots of exciting things from the fitness advice he was given by his co-stars to his latest workout regime. He brings about pilates and yoga though he is not really into them.
Top Gun Maverick star unearths his workout regime
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Top Gun: Maverick and Devotion star Glen Powell takes us through his Los Angeles home gym and fridge, showing us the diet and fitness routine he uses to stay in shape. He let his fans and followers catch a glimpse of his gym and fridge.
On being asked about how his workout has evolved over the years, he responded, “I think I just do what makes me happy I don’t put myself Through Torture anymore I just like do what I love I also like to just like try new stuff out recently I’ve gotten into Pilates and yoga not because I love it but because it’s a great little social scene. ”
Here, Powell talks about how he does not force his body and does what he loves. Despite this fact, he does not take health for granted. Instead, he takes great care of his diet and daily exercise routine. In the video, we got to know how he had managed his refrigerator by storing nutritious food and vegetables inside it.
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Further, he was asked about the fitness advice he received from his co-star, answering the question, he said, “Sylvester Stallone one time saw me doing crunches in the gym he’s like why are you doing that that’s terrible Sylvester Salone oppression he told me he’s like why are you working out your abs when you’re keeping your shirt on he’s like work out the cinema muscles the forearms and The Traps.” Further, he talked about his best workout tips along with the reliable equipment for cardio exercises.
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Powell takes reveals his best workout tips
In an interview with the Men’s Health YouTube channel, the host asks the actor about workout tips. He asked, what’s been your best workout tip? He answered by saying, “I think the best workout tip I’ve ever received is from my trainer Nick Mitchell at Ultimate Performance and he always says this thing when we’re on like the last couple reps and I’m like quivering and shaking and crying and he’s like remember why you’re here. Sometimes I wake up thinking about Nick it’s more like a nightmare scenario I will say remember why you’re here.
Powell talked about his trainer who used to encourage and push him to do his best during the workout. Apart from this, he revealed the equipment he uses to do his cardio workout. He said, “this is an assault bike assault bike is the quickest way to do cardio if you have like 10 minutes in the morning if you do.”
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Famous for his breakthrough performance in the entertainment world, Powell gives away his latest workout plan to boost physical strength. Did you find his training regimen useful?
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