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U.S. Open champion Coco Gauff shares her 7 fitness and everyday essentials

After Coco Gauff won her first U.S. Open in September, plenty of sports commentators understandably credited her smashing forehand, big serve and amazing stamina. It turns out the 19-year-old also had a secret weapon in her arsenal.
“Before I walk on court for a match, I’m always listening to music,” Gauff says. “Usually something that pumps me up!” Her favorite song? Jaden Smith’s “Icon.”
As for the headphones playing her music? Ahead of the 2023 French Open in May, Gauff announced that she had partnered with audio equipment company Bose. “It was such an easy decision for me,” she says. “I listen to music every day, but especially in competition. I always have my headphones on because it puts me in the zone and allows me to focus.”
When she’s not in must-win playing mode, Gauff chills like most other 19-year-olds. She says she spends her off days going to the movies and watching Netflix. She also likes to explore the cities she travels to for tournaments and enjoys “trying the local cuisine.” And during her time back home in Delray Beach, Florida, she plays super-fan. “I love going to my brothers’ sporting events,” she says. “My youngest brother plays football, and my middle brother plays baseball.”
But overall, Gauff adds, “I give my best every day.”
Below, Gauff lists seven of her everyday essentials for CNN Underscored.
Amazon Basics Round Foam Roller Amazon When it comes to warming up and cooling down, Gauff says she likes to use a foam roller because “it loosens my muscles and is effective on all parts of the body.” In the market for one? Consider buying this high-density best-seller from Amazon. $13 at Amazon
Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle Amazon No surprise here: Gauff is big on hydration. “When I’m training in Florida, I use one of those big, stainless steel water bottles so my ice doesn’t melt and my water stays cold,” she says. One option to consider is this 30-ounce bottle, which keeps cool for up to 12 hours thanks to its double-wall, vacuum-insulated construction. $23 at Amazon
Bose QuietComfort 45 Bluetooth Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones Amazon These state-of-the-art, over-the-ear headphones are at the top of Gauff’s daily tech list. (Well, along with her iPhone.) This device uses tiny mics to measure and react to outside noise and then cancels it with opposite signals. It also offers up to 22 hours of battery life from a single charge. $329 $199 at Amazon
New Balance 650 Shoes Farfetch “I am loving my 650 shoes right now,” says Gauff, who is partnered with New Balance. The leather hi-tops — a throwback to the 1980s style — are available in multiple colors and feature a puff and stitch collar. Plus, they’re unisex! $130 at New Balance $148 $85 at Farfetch



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