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You’d have to drink this much alcohol to gain 1 pound, says influencer

Tis the season eat, drink and be merry — and a fitness influencer says yule be able to pound all this liquor down without gaining a pound.
Making spirits bright by adding a couple of ice cubes and a fruity garnish is a cherished pastime for folks who like to toast to the holidays.
But for merrymakers worried that enjoying too much booze might cause their bellies to shake bowls full of jelly, a weight loss tastemaker has virally outlined just how much hooch a person would have to guzzle to tack on even the slightest bit of excess chub.
“Here is how much alcohol you’d need to drink to gain one pound of fat,” Nicole Powell, a mom and health content creator from the UK, said in a buzzy TikTok bulletin.
The brunette, who’s on a journey to drop about 50 pounds, enumerated the copious quantities of beers, champagnes, cocktails and shots one can get naughty and nice with before tipping the scale.
3 TikTok influencer Nicole Powell virally revealed how much alcohol a person would have to drink in order to gain on pound of fat. NYPost Composite
To calculate the adult beverage amounts, she multiplied each drink’s individual calorie count per serving by the number of servings it would take to equal 3,500 calories. In the clip, she noted that a man or woman would have to ingest an extra 3,500 calories atop of their daily caloric intake to gain one pound — data backed by a report from the CDC.
“You would have to drink 37 flutes of Prosecco, 50 shots of Tequila Rose or 15 and a half passion fruit martinis,” began Powell.
“Fifteen pints of Heineken beer,” she continued, rejecting the thought of sipping the suds with a cheeky: “No thanks.”
“Sixty-six shots of sambuca,” the weight watcher said, adding that downing obscene helpings of the anise-flavored liqueur would turn her stomach. “Sixty-four vodkas and Diet Cokes, 26 medium glasses of white wine, 17 and a half pints of Guinness.”
3 Powell revealed that a man or woman would have to drink 3500 calories in boozy drinks before seeing a fluctuation in their poundage. NYPost Composite
Powell went on to list nine strawberry and lime Rekorderligs, 27 Jagerbombs, 15 espresso martinis, 36 glasses of champagne, 35 Disaronno and cranberry singles, 25 Corona bottles and 34 pink Gin and lemonades as the amounts and types of libations that would cause a minor weight fluctuation.
Unsurprisingly, pleasure-seekers with a penchant for popping bottles praise Powell for sharing the “life-changing” tips.
“Just what I needed on a Friday,” cheered a thirsty celebrator.
“You had me until 15 espresso martinis. That’s two Christmas parties!!!,” penned an equally grateful party animal.
3 Online social drinkers applauded Powell for her eye-opening notes. Adobe Stock
“This is life-changing information,” whooped another.
“I feel like I could do 36 glasses of champagne in a week or weekend I thought these numbers were going to be so much higher,” confessed a carouser.
“My red flag is, I see this as a challenge,” another teased.
Powell’s pointers, however, may not weigh heavily on revelers who’ve already decided to ditch calorie-conscious eating and drinking to freely indulge in fattening treats during holiday festivities.
In fact, a recent poll commissioned by Prunelax, a laxative brand, discovered that 65% of folks in the US deem the final quarter the worst time of year for their diets.
A recent survey via wellness hub, Herbalife, too, found that 72% of Americans have chosen to make the most of the end of the year, regardless of what that means for their diets.
But experts warn against blindly binging in the name of celebration.
“The end of the year should be a time to focus on family, friends and self-care,” Kent Bradley, Herbalife’s Chief Health and Nutrition Officer said.
“Identify specific, attainable actions you want to take to improve your health and your mindset,” continued Bradley, “and if you can, bring your friends and family along on that health journey.”



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