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“Your Workout Did Not Matter”: 43-Year-Old Bodybuilding Veteran Once Believed Common Post-Training Nutrition Myth

Marc Lobliner, a 43-year-old bodybuilding veteran, recently debunked a widespread fitness and nutrition myth. After announcing his comeback, Lobliner shared a video on YouTube promoting his new protein shake flavors. However, before diving into product details, he recounted an interesting story from his early gym days.
Lobliner recalled his gym buddy, Eric, who was always in phenomenal shape. “I remember he’s like, well I got to get my protein shake down or else this workout meant nothing. We literally were in a spot at one point in the late 90s and early 2000s, where we believed that if you didn’t get your post-workout protein shake in, your workout did not matter,” said Lobliner.
According to him, this was a marketing tactic of the supplement industry’s influence. The IFBB Pro acknowledged that, back then, most information lacked scientific backing. Today, new studies show that protein timing isn’t as crucial as once thought.
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Inspired by the bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, he also shared research which indicates that whether you consume protein immediately post-workout or a few hours later, it doesn’t significantly affect muscle recovery and growth. One study compared groups taking 25 grams of protein immediately before and after workouts versus those who took it three hours before and after. The results? No significant difference. The key takeaway is to ensure you get your daily protein intake, regardless of timing.
For elite athletes or those training multiple times a day, immediate protein intake can aid recovery for subsequent sessions. However, for the average person, the timing is less critical. The post-workout window for protein synthesis extends up to 24 hours, not just the minutes after a workout per Lobliner.
Touching upon a similar topic, Arnold Schwarzenegger had suggested what would be the ideal nutrition plan for a person.
Arnold Schwarzenegger provides a clear perspective on the post-workout meal
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A while back, the seven-time Mr. Olympia also highlighted a similar issue in his newsletter, citing research that reflected how “You don’t need a significant amount of carbs (or sugar) immediately after your workout.” Contradictory to previous beliefs, he emphasized that shorter workouts or strength-focused exercises may not require large amounts of carbs for refueling.
Acknowledging the transformation of nutrition in the fitness industry, Schwarzenegger stated, “The old recommendations for more carbs than protein were based on research focusing on long-distance endurance training, often lasting hours. But if you’re doing shorter workouts or focusing on strength, there’s no need for massive amounts of carbs.” While outlining the importance of protein in the recovery process, Schwarzenegger debunked the myth that carbs are crucial for fueling.
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The Terminator also explained that if you workout for over 90 minutes, sugar-based protein drinks might not help you gain more. Encouraging personalized nutrition, Arnie recommended that one should follow the nutrition routine according to their workout type and timings.
As these fitness icons reveal, as long as you meet your daily protein requirements, the timing won’t hinder your progress. Do you often find yourself pondering over the right time to ensure protein intake? Then this advice is for you.!



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